The Myth of the Oil Crisis

Publication Date:

30th August 2008


Now a new book challenges the predictions of doom

Are we on the cusp of a new oil crisis? After many false alarms, is the wolf finally here? Record oil prices and fast-growing Asian demand seem to indicate a gloomy energy future.

Now a new book challenges the predictions of doom.

· We have enough oil and gas to meet growing demand for decades to come

· International co-operation can secure energy supplies without military conflict

· Hydrocarbons can be used as part of a sustainable future, without destroying the global environment and climate

A vital resource for those who want a rational, clear-headed look at our energy future—myths and reality, problems and solutions.

Available in hardcover and paperback

317 pages

Praeger Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780313354793

Publication date 30th August 2008